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5 Ways To Ensure A Safe and Fun Summer For Seniors | Comfort Keepers Riverside and Corona

Jul 15, 2018 by Comfort Keepers of Riverside and Corona

It’s no secret that most people’s favorite season is summer. Children are out of school, the weather is lovely and warm, and that makes it a prime time to travel!

However, as with every season, there are some dangers that come with it. Seniors, children and other vulnerable populations need to take extra precautions to ensure they’re safe while having summer fun.

Here are some tips for every senior to do just that:

Get Moving

The best way to keep your body (and mind) strong is to regularly exercise.

However, it is key to avoid peak sun hours if you are exercising outside. Keep your workout time to early in the morning, before 10 a.m., or later in the afternoon, about 4 p.m. and on, so that you can enjoy the cooler weather and be safe from any heat emergencies.

You can also try working out indoors to prevent this issue entirely. Perhaps you workout at home or you go to your local gym or senior center. Whatever method you prefer, just ensure your safety from the heat!

Lighten Your Meals

Whereas those heavy, hearty meals perhaps made you feel warm and cozy in those colder months, they’re only going to make you bloated and uncomfortable (maybe even queasy) in this heat.

Changing your meal plans with the seasons is beneficial for many reasons. For starters, you learn about a variety of seasonal produce and get to have fun changing up your menu. Seasonal produce is also cheaper than just buying the same fruits and veggies you always buy.

Additionally, lightening your meals can give you more energy and make you feel full but refreshed for the hot summer days. Your body won’t have to work as hard trying to digest your lighter meals, which will overall put a spring back into your step!

Watch for Pesky Bugs

Bug spray alone will not protect you from all bugs. It’s important to be aware of your region’s bugs, and to look for them after coming back from being outside hiking, gardening, or whatever other outdoorsy activities you were doing.

Bugs like ticks can latch onto you and give you dangerous diseases, such as Lyme disease. It’s important to wear light clothing and to always check your clothes and body after finishing outdoor activities. Having a partner look all over your body can greatly help, too.


Even if you’re not physically out in the sun all day, the increased temperature requires us all to up our water intake.

This is especially true if you are spending time outside, or if you take medications/have certain medical conditions that can be eased by staying hydrated.

On top of drinking more water, also cut back on the alcohol and caffeine. These can dehydrate you a lot quicker in these hotter months.

Protect Your Skin

You may be tempted to go outside in that t-shirt or tank top now that it’s finally warm enough to, and that’s great! But be prepared.

Always wear sunscreen on every part of exposed skin. This includes your face, ears, and even the tops of your feet if you’re wearing sandals. Be sure to reapply ever 1-2 hours, as well.

It’s best to cover up when you can, so be sure to have sunglasses and a hat handy to help protect your face and eyes, at least. Sun exposure is beneficial to a point, but it can quickly become dangerous and put your more-fragile skin at risk for skin cancer.

These tips will help you stay safe this season, so you can have worry-free summer fun!

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