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Things to Consider While Hiring an In-Home Care Agency

Nov 30, 2018 by Anonymous

At this day and age, there are numerous reputable home-care agencies but still, from time to time, news of undertrained, completely unsupervised or abusive in-home caregivers make the headlines. Hence, it is essential to research extensively about home care providers and take the necessary precautions before hiring an agency or a caregiver that best caters to your needs. After all, you want to be sure that your loved ones receive the adequate amount of care and are in the safe, trustworthy hands of their in-home caregiver. You can adhere to the following guidelines before hiring an in-home agency:

  • Evaluate your needs: There are various levels of work that a home-care agency can do for you and your loved ones, ranging from giving the senior company to assisting with light housekeeping or chores to skilled nursing for individuals with deteriorating conditions. If there is ever a confusion as to the sort of services that you should procure, arrange an assessment visit by your physician. This way you will be in a better position to determine the kind of care that is best suited to your needs.
  • Inquire about caregiver’s background: There is absolutely nothing out of place about being selective in choosing your caregiver by assessing their backgrounds. Always make sure that the agency does a background check of all their caregivers. It is always advisable to be cautious in these situations. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Meet potential caregivers: Making sure that the caregiver you choose is not just well trained but also has a good sense of compatibility with both you and your loved one. Ensure that you can have a sit-down with the caregiver to assess his professional capabilities before his or her first shift.
  •  Inquire about references: Always be assured about the proficiency of the home-care agency you are considering. It’s a good idea to ask for references and feedback from the agency’s other clients. Most reputable home-care agencies are always ready to provide you with referrals of their clients that can attest to their credibility.
  • Inquire about their training: Always make sure the caregivers have the necessary training and certifications for employment. Having a caregiver certified who can deliver emergency critical care like CPR and First Aid can be really reassuring.
  • Take care of billing ahead of time: There are a variety of services provided by a home-care agency and depending on these services and on the requirements of your loved one, some in-home care services are covered by medical insurance. Always be direct in talking to the coordinator about the rate for services, as well as all the billing norms, well ahead of time to avoid any unexpected circumstances or charges.

The above steps along with a bit of common sense can go a long way in helping you find the right kind of in-home care agency that will cater to all your needs and requirements.

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