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Caregivers - How You Should Schedule Your Breaks

Jun 30, 2018 by Comfort Keepers of Riverside and Corona

If you are a family caregiver you already know that many of your duties tend to follow well thought out timelines but did you know that even your breaks require some planning and forethought? Read Article

Caregiving and Guilt

Nov 30, 2016 by Comfort Keepers of Riverside and Corona

Most caregivers know the pain – you feel like you either don’t spend enough time with your elderly parents or you spend too much time with them and your own family and personal life suffers. Before your guilt deteriorates into depression or even manifests itself as a physical ailment – you should face your feelings head on and find inner peace. By doing so, you will be happier, healthier and a much more effective caregiver. Read Article

Time to See the Doctor?

Oct 30, 2016 by Comfort Keepers of Riverside and Corona

Have your ever exclaimed “I want to sit around for hours waiting on the Doctor!”? No, me either. Few things are more annoying than waiting for what seems like an eternity to see your doctor, especially after you have made the appointment (probably weeks in advance) and arrived for it promptly. Read Article

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